Prism Tool Company LLC is a supplier of compatible optical replacement parts for over 20 years.

We strive to supply compatible OEM quality products to our customers without the OEM high prices. Save today on your machine maintenance needs! We current stock optical parts for your digital & conventional surfacing and polishing equipment as well as cutting tools your finishing process.
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Prism Tool Brand SatisLoh parts – Digital equipment such as Toro-Flex, Duo-Flex, Multi-Flex & Nucleo Blockers.
Prism Tool Brand Schneider parts – Digital equipment such as CCP Swift, CCP 102/103, CCP Modulo & Blockers.
Prism Tool Brand MEI parts – cutters and trace pins for your MEI system finishers.
Prism Tool Brand Gerber Coburn parts & LOH conventional finer and polishers.

optical replacement parts

We can ship International orders through your U.S. forwarded. We will provide a commercial invoice to your U.S. forwarder.
We can make parts from your samples as well as make parts in different materials.
If you have a part you would like to see if we can make, we would be happy to help you, give us a call local (937)275-5010 or toll free (833)478-1695

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or price requests. Please call or Email

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™ Geber Coburn/Coburn Optical is a Trademark of Coburn Technologies
™ LOH is a Trademark of Essilor International
™ MEI/MEI Systems is a Trademark of MEISystem, Inc.

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